Regain your inborn beauty with Dissolving Microstructure Technology

You will be experiencing skin that is beyond expectation with Acropass,
which directly delivers active substances into the skin cell through microstructure technology

Acropass is comprised of Acro-, meaning first, and pass, meaning to go across.

World’s First Non-painful, Non-remedial effect-loss Technology
Commercialization of “Microstructure Technology”

Conventional patches were unable to fully deliver their remedial effects into the skin due to skin resistance.
However with Acropass’ microstructure technology, all the medicinal effects can pass through the skin without causing any pain.
This is a world-first commercialized application of this technology.

Furthermore, Rapahs’ DAB (Droplet-born Air Blowing) technology is the cutting-edge microstructure production
method that does not require heat processing or result in deformation of the ingredients –
it holds many promises in the fields of enzyme applications, vaccines, etc. as well as in cosmetics.