Acropass FAQ
  • 1. What is the optimal frequency of use for the product?
    Also, for how long must I use it?

    For the first couple of months, we recommend you use it twice per week,
    or every 3 days.
    Afterwards, once or twice per week will be sufficient to maintain its effect.

  • 2. What differences does the Ageless Lifter line have compared to Botox or Filler treatments?

    Basically, our product provides anti-aging effects even with a single use.
    According to clinical trials, it has sown to provide 4 weeks’ worth of duration after 4 weeks of usage.
    However, you must not make a direct comparison of our product to filler injections.
    Filler injections also use hyaluronic acid, but they also often contain many other chemical
    additives to lengthen the time it takes for the acid to dissolve and excrete from the body.
    Acropass has no chemical additives or preservatives and is a safe product.
    Therefore, our product is a new, innovative beauty device that has improved the skin
    absorption rate of functional cosmetics such as eye creams, rather than trying to produce quick results with risks
    such as in the case of the filler injections.

  • 3. It says a drastic change can be experienced with a single application–
    how long does this effect last?

    Since the microstructure active compound directly penetrates the skin, you can feel the anti-
    aging effects even with your first usage.
    However, continuous product usage is required for sustaining the effect.
    According to clinical trials, a month of skin improvement can be maintained after a month of use.
    Use the patch on skin areas of your choice to benefit from satisfying results.

  • 4. What are the major benefits of the Ageless Lifter line?

    The Ageless Lifter line delivers active compounds of hyaluronic acid and EGF directly into the skin.
    Therefore, it is helpful in various care such as anti-aging, skin elasticity improvement, skin
    moisturization improvement, etc. that enables healthy, moist skin maintenance.
    Many ergonomical designs for loops, eyes and spots have been released.