Acropass FAQ
  • 1. If I attach the patch on sensitive eye areas,
    will it leave redness or marks on the skin?

    According to the clinical trials carried out by Dermapro, a certified clinical
    test institute (2013), no skin irritability or objective skin stimulation abnormalities
    have been found on any of the test subjects.
    Acropass’ microstructure can deeply penetrate the skin with the thickness of
    1/4 of the human hair.
    We recommend that you remove the patch after a minimum of 2 hours.
    If you remove the patch after 30 minutes, there will be some reddening,
    but that is the result of the microstructure penetrating the skin.
    This is called the needling effect, and strengthens the natural growth of the skin,
    just like the MTS treatment done in dermatology clinics. When you remove
    the patch after 2 hours, the redness will disappear.
    Although pillow marks may occur depending on personal sleeping
    habits after attaching the patch and going to sleep,
    these will disappear soon after the removal of the patch.

  • 2. How thick are the microstructures?
    Will the microstructures cause damage or pain while they penetrate the skin?

    The microstructures are 1/4 the thickness of the human hair, about 30 micrometers in size.
    They can penetrate the skin without causing any damage, so they are safe to use.

  • 3. Are there any side effects such as the widening of hair follicles after
    the microstructures penetrate the skin?

    Our skin’s regeneration is maximized when it is stimulated. In fact, microstructures utilize this phenomenon.
    Whenever micro-sized structures penetrate the skin membrane,
    the skin regenerates new cells and narrows the hair follicles.
    Therefore, this results in narrower, rather than wider, hair follicles and smoother skin.

  • 4. Is this product safe for the skin and clinically approved?

    Acropass has been put to clinical trials in certified clinical test institutes such as Ellead,
    Dermapro and the Yonsei University School of Medicine’s Severance Hospital.
    It has been proven to be a safe and effective product in regards to clinical trials, safety, toxicity, etc. for anti-aging.