Acropass FAQ
  • 1. What are the dissolving microstructures?

    Dissolving microstructures are tiny processes about 1/4 the thickness
    of the human hair, in which dissolving material such as hyaluronic acid,
    vitamin C, collagen, etc. are formed into microstructures.
    This structure can penetrate in-between skin membranes and pass
    through the horny layer, dissolving inside the moisture inside the inner
    skin area to work its magic.

  • 2. How thick and long are the skin-penetrating microstructures?

    The Acropass microstructures’ tip is about 30 micrometers thick and 350 micrometers long.
    The microstructure dimensions are produced to ensure it can penetrate into the epidermis and reach the moisture inside.

  • 3. How long does it take for the microstructure to dissolve completely inside the skin?

    We recommend attaching the patch for 2 hours, and its effect is maximized when you sleep overnight with it.

  • 4. Is the Raphas – manufacturer and seller of Acropass - microstructure technology safe enough?

    The product is classified as general cosmetics in the Korean FDA, and all certified clinical test institutes have demonstrated its safety.
    Raphas holds 13 patents in Korea and globally regarding the microstructure technology.

  • 5. How is this different from conventional skin care delivery systems such as MTS rollers, etc ?

    The conventional MTS rollers damage the skin and insert ampules into the holes it made.
    Dissolving microstructures have overcome this problem of painful rollers and skin damage and also realized compound
    delivery and penetration of the horny layer.