Acropass Ageless Lifter

Don’t smear it–attach it!

Tired of looking at the mirror because of constant skin aging?
Introducing Acropass Ageless Lifter MULTI SPOT CARE that has been certified in the US and Japan.

10PM, Time to Acropass
Use the Acropass patch on your skin
you wish to care for Before going to
sleep tonight.

Unlike general patches,
Acropass is a made up of microstructure,
fabricated with skin regenerative ingredients, that deeply penetrate
that penetrates the skin to be dissolved.

Acropass is a revolutionary beauty device.

With Acropass, there is no need of dermatological procedures to achieve absolute beauty - it’s pain-free and safe!
You can select the functional options you need, such as anti-aging, blemish removal and skin trouble improvement.

Acropass is an Essential Life Product for You.

The modern skin suffers from rapid aging due to environmental pollution, stress and irregular lifestyle.
Acropass is an essential self-gift that helps protect you from these conditions and maintain your beauty.

Anti-aging Effect with Nobel Prize Compound

No Preservatives, No Artificial Additives

It is composed 100%
of the French Soliance’s top-quality skin moisturizing agent (hyaluronic acid)
and EGF (epidermal growth factor), which aids effectively
with skin moisturization and recovery of damaged skin cells.


”Wash and attach the patch by pressing on your skin before sleep,
and the result will be as if you received skin care from a professional.”

After 4 weeks of usage, positive results such as overall skin condition improvement,
skin elasticity improvement and skin firmness was observed.

None of the subjects exhibited abnormal reactions regarding
skin irritation and objective skin stimulation.

(Reference: Certified Clinical Test Institute Dermapro, 2013)